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QuestionI want to die Answer


Great question!

BLENDED stars Funnyman Adam Sandler and America’s Sweetheart Drew Barrymore! It hits theaters nationwide May 23!


News Anchor in my area loses it over a Fat Cat that likes to swim.


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QuestionHow did a blog like this snag the URL officialunitedstates lol there's something sad in that itself Answer


please, I am an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity I am exactly the kind of blog to snag this url

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Questionwhat actually happened at dashcon to make it so awful? ive seen lots of stuff making fun of it and complaining, but nothing explaining why Answer


It is one of the biggest errors in world history and here’s why:

  • Although starting in the middle of summer with a few small battles, it eventually dragged on for almost six months into a brutal winter
  • The Russians’ scorched earth policy surprised the French and made the French’s advances much more treacherous and costly
  • Napoleon’s thirst for a full victory was impossible to satisfy because the Russians refused to engage in any prolonged battles, instead wisely choosing to use guerrilla tactics to decimate an already broken, famished, and sickened French Army
  • Over 17,000 French troops lost their lives each month during the disastrous campaign

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QuestionJust an ask: do you sometimes get tired of the LE EBIC BRONY FEDORA EMRA meme that gets bantered around here and other parts? Answer



Tumblr has watered down the meaning of all of those words to the point they mean nothing.

I can’t even enjoy those ‘euphoric’ images anymore because I know they’re all fake now.

Tumblr has sucked the joy out of one of life’s greatest pleasures; mocking other human beings

you can still make fun of tumblr


"hate’s a strong word"


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Questionnobody wants to have sex with your fucking sonic the hedgehog oc because you're probably 14 years old in real life and that'd be sexual harassment Answer




he sank the boat he was working on just to kill the captain

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no anime allowed past this line



your under arrest you weeaboo piece of shit

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Questiondo you have a fursona Answer


pepe the frog


Look at this image. This image was sent to me via text message by my friend Connor earlier today. The caption was “I cannot even HANDLE this” and I was very confused. You can’t read the text in the photo, so what on earth is this? I looked at the squares of color for a moment, completely mystified about what on earth they were supposed to be, maybe the text was supposed to give context to the squares and Connor had simply made an error. And then it hit me.

The squares of color are the classic Constanza.jpg meme broken down into it’s most basic of details. Based on nothing more than the colors, I was able to recognize his skin, shirt, the blue of fence behind him and conjure an image in my mind of the intended source material.

Pointillism is an art movement that was born out of impressionism. It is characterized by dots of color applied in very specific patterns to display the suggestion of the subject material. 

The above image is from Seurat’s classic Un dimanche après-midi à l’Île de la Grande Jatte. There is very little precise detail in the image. Instead, Seurat applies small groupings of colored dots to show the viewer a man’s mustache or the the brim of a hat.

By applying this knowledge to Costanza.jpg, we can conclude that the image the Connor sent to me earlier could possibly be classified as a pointillist meme. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, if All Your Base and the Dancing Baby were the birth of the meme, and things like Advice Dog and Rickroll were the Renaissance, then we have finally reached impressionist memes and I for one cannot wait for the abstract.